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Editors of Historic Kingston

​Richard Preston, Vol. 4, 1955
George Stanley, Vol. 5, 1956 – Vol. 7, 1958
H. Pearson Gundy, Vol. 8, 1957 – Vol. 23, 1975
William Angus, Vol. 24, 1976 – Vol. 34, 1986
Donald A. Redmond, Vol. 35, 1987 – Vol. 47, 1999
Brian Osborne, Vol. 48, 2000
Jane Errington and Brian Osborne, Vol. 49, 2001 – Vol. 50, 2002
Jane Errington, Vol. 51, 2003 – Vol. 53, 2005
Jane Errington and Brian Osborne, Vol. 54, 2006
Paul Banfield, Vol. 55, 2007
Hazel Fotheringham, Vol. 59, 2011 – Vol. 61, 2013
Duncan McDowell, Vol. 62, 2014
Marcus Letourneau, Vol. 63, 2015 – Vol 64, 2016
Virginia Letourneau, Vol 65, 2017 – Vol 66, 2017
Peter Gower, Vol 67, 2018 –

Content of Volumes 61 – 65

Volume 65 – 2017

This is a special issue, an anthology of most of the speeches given between 2001 and 2015 at the Graveside ceremonies on 6 June, and at the Sir John A. Birthday dinners.

Volume 64 – 2016

Cover:Canadian State prisoners on trial

  • Macdonald: The Kingstonian, the Lawyer and the Leader by Thomas A Cromwell
  • The Latin Inscriptions of Kingston, Ontario by Bernard Kavanagh
  • The Railway – an “improvement” for Kingston? by Adrian Halpert
  • Some period reflections regarding the Mass Escape from Fort Henry on 29 July 1838 by John Carter
  • Remote Sensor: Spatial Historian by Graeme Watson
  • Sir John A.: Warts and All by Bob Rae
  • Good Old Schooldays: Early Education in Kingston by Gordon Sly
  • The Education of a Leader: Joseph Brant and the School that became Dartmouth College by Jean Rae Baxter
  • Collecting Sir John A. memorabilia by Paul Fritz
  • Fort Frontenac: 1755 – 1758 by Col. J. L. H. Neilson


Volume 63 – 2015

Cover: Kingston Harbour from the Cupola of City Hall, about 1860

  • Happy is the Nation with no History, by Sarah Gibson
  • A boy, a company, a town by John Fielding
  • Kingston’s Bell Telephone Company: New technology, New Building by John Grenville
  • Before Annexation: Aspects of Portsmouth Village Life, 1859-1951 by Bruce Cossar
  • Kingston and the “Prevailing Malady:” The Limestone City and the Spanish “Flu”
  • Sir John The Survivor by John Boyko
  • Artful Dressing: The Fashion of Agnes Etherington by Carolyn Dowdell
  • An informal look at Kingston in 1914 by Peter Gower
  • The Second Battle of Ypres and John McCrae by Paul van Nest

VOL. 62 – 2014  

Cover Images: ship painting (detail) by Peter Rindlisbacher; the Macdonald locket, coll. Library & Archives Canada

  • Face to Face – the Sculpting of John A. Macdonald, by Ruth Abernethy
  • God Save the King?: The Evolution of Loyalty In the Limestone City, I8l9-1841, by Stephen Smith
  • Madeleine de Roybon D’Allone: A Female Protagonist in the Founding of Cataraqui? by Julie Caton
  • From “contemptible little guard” to “Ontario’s Own”: The History of the Fort Henry Guard, 1938 to 2013, by Steve Mecredy
  • Murney Tower and its Role in the Defence of Kingston: A Synopsis, by Bob Garcia
  • Sir John A. Macdonald Graveside Memorial Service Address, by Arthur Milnes
  • “Great Conveniences for Smuggling”: The Carleton Island Raid, August 1821, and International Relations in the Wake of The War of 1812, by Walter Lewis
  • The Macdonald Locket: Love, Death and Domesticity In Upper Canada, by Julia McArthur
  • They Walked to Work: The Captains lrwin, their Times and Neighbours at Kingston’s Inner Harbour, by Donna Ivey

VOL. 61 – 2013

Cover Images: Bruce Carruthers c1879, Harriet & Charles Kelly, industrial scene by Nan Yeomans in 1950

  • Sir John A. and the Heritage of Kingston, by Peter Milliken
  • Major Bruce Carruthers: Father of Canadian Military Communications, by David McCarey
  • British Home Children: A Canadian, Communal and Personal Story, by John Fielding
  • The Geology of the Kingston Area, by Mark Badham
  • “How did we get to Aberdeen Street?” Town and Gown Relations between Queen’s and Kingston, 1960s to l980s, by Duncan McDowall
  • John A. Macdonald, the Bay of Quinte and Prince Edward County 1824-1835, by David Warrick
  • “Fair Fugitive”: The Life and Legacy of Harriet Powel, by Joanne Stanbridge
  • Mud, Mire and Inconvenience: Walking in Nineteenth-Century Kingston, by Georgia Carley
  • When Coal Was King: The Nineteenth Century Kingston Water Works, by Henk Wevers