About The Kingston Historical Society

Our Mandate

  • To create, foster and maintain interest in the history and heritage of the City of Kingston and its environs
  • To provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of papers with relevant historical content and to provide for the publication of such papers
  • To organize, manage, promote and assist in providing and maintaining historical museums, plaques, cairns, and other monuments to the historical past
  • To acquire documents, maps, books, photographs and other historical data and tangible articles of historic interest with a view to the preservation and display as such articles at such times and in such places as may be decided upon by the Society. Please note that because of lack of quality storage space, we are not at present accepting any new items unless they are directly associated with the Murney Tower.
  • To be an advocate for the preservation of buildings and areas of historic interest in the City of Kingston and district. This is still a concern of the Society, but we would ask you to also contact the Frontenac Heritage Foundation at https://frontenacheritage.ca/ with your concerns.

Top Row: Tabitha Renaud, Paul van Nest, Peter Ginn, Peter Gower

Second Row: Vincent Durant, Warren Everett,  Barry Keefe,  Anne Richardson,

Third Row: Betty Andrews,  Alan MacLachlan, Don Richardson, Paul Charbonneau,

Fourth Row: Duncan McDowall

2021-2022 Executive: (to contact any of these, please email kingstonhs@gmail.com  with the person’s name as the Subject
President: Vincent Durant
Past President: Warren Everett
Vice President:Paul Charbonneau
Secretary: Don Richardson
Treasurer: Peter Ginn
Councillors:  Betty Andrews,  Alan MacLachlan, Dr. Duncan McDowall, Dr. Tabitha Renaud, Anne Richardson, Paul Van Nest (Membership Secretary)

Editor, Historic Kingston: Peter Gower
Editor, Limelight: Betty Andrews
Director, Murney Tower: Tabitha Renaud
Webmaster: Peter Gower