About The Kingston Historical Society

Our Mandate

  • To create, foster and maintain interest in the history and heritage of the City of Kingston and its environs
  • To provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of papers with relevant historical content and to provide for the publication of such papers
  • To organize, manage, promote and assist in providing and maintaining historical museums, plaques, cairns, and other monuments to the historical past
  • To acquire documents, maps, books, photographs and other historical data and tangible articles of historic interest with a view to the preservation and display as such articles at such times and in such places as may be decided upon by the Society
  • To be an advocate for the preservation of buildings and areas of historic interest in the City of Kingston and district.

The Kingston Historical Society

The 2019-2020 Executive: Back Row: Duncan McDowall, Graeme Watson, Warren Everett, Tabitha Renaud, Vincent Durant, Joe Brites, Alan MacLachlan, Don Richardson, Peter Gower
Front Row: Paul Van Nest, Peter Ginn, Anne Richardson, Betty  Andrews
Absent: John Whiteley

2020-2021 Executive: (to contact any of these, please email kingstonhs@gmail.com  with the person’s name as the Subject
President: Vincent Durant
Past President: Warren Everett
Vice President: Joe Brites
Secretary: Don Richardson
Treasurer: Peter Ginn
Councillors: Bruce Cossar, Barry Keefe,  Alan MacLachlan, , Duncan McDowall, Kevin Reed, Anne Richardson, Paul Van Nest (Membership Secretary)

Editor, Historic Kingston: Peter Gower
Editor, Limelight: Betty Andrews
Director, Murney Tower: Tabitha Renaud
Webmaster: Peter Gower